WECan Sanctioned Events, Clinics and Schooling Shows

Other Canadian Events are listed on Calendar below.

Wish to help WECan
develop this sport in Canada?

The organizers of the following sanctioned events may offer a discount to members of WECan.
Please Check with them directly.

WECan accepts no responsibility for any issues arising from, but not limited to, the organizing or running of any events listed through this site, newsletters or Facebook pages.

If you would like to add your Working Equitation event to our calendar,
please follow these steps.
1. Check and see if it's already on the calendar. 
2. If you are not yet sanctioned, wait until you are before saying you are.
3. Fill out our online form, HERE. Read directions for format carefully.
Events will be added to the calendar within one week and probably sooner.

Clinic Sanctioning Application Available HERE

Show Licensing Application AvailableHERE

​All Canadian Events, Clinics and Schooling Shows

​To see events in a list format (rather than as a page in a monthly calendar), click on the option tab for ‘Agenda’.
For a sortable ​list, click HERE to open a spreadsheet copy. Move mouse to the right of the Letter naming the column you'd like to sort. An arrow will appear. Click and choose Sort A to Z.