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Presidents Message Sept 28th 2020

The Board of Directors of WECan has the responsibility to develop and document the policies of the national body. Most important of these are the Code of Conduct (COC) and the Membership Terms and Conditions. As was discussed at the Annual General Meeting in February, WECan is releasing these two documents to our members for review and ratification.

Much thought and effort went into writing these documents; as well they have been reviewed and approved by our legal counsel. Because this code directly impacts memberships, we would like to give current members the opportunity to endorse this COC and Membership Terms and Conditions before it is put into effect.

Please note, the Membership Terms and Conditions are based on the present Bylaws of the organization which are available on our website at workingequitationcanada.com under Membership.

An email with these documents has been sent out to all current WECan members in good standing. If you did not receive the email please check your junk/spam folders first then contact Lynne at secretary@workingequitationcanada.com As explained in the email, responses must be received by midnight MDST October 9, 2020.


As life slowly starts to open up across the country, organizers are starting to plan for WE clinics, schooling and rated shows. This is exciting for members and excellent news for our sport but these events of course will all have to have a ‘new look’ and process.

As any group events are organized, protocols to ensure the health and safety of all attendees while working within National and Provincial guidelines must be part of the planning.

WECan advises that all people interested in hosting Working Equitation events ensure they follow Federal Government guidelines as well as their specific Provincial Government Health and Safety guidelines in relation to public events this summer. Equine PTSO requirements and guidelines must also be adhered to. As all these strategies are continually changing, organizers must stay abreast of current requirements.

Each insurance carrier within Canada will have their own requirements and we encourage all potential hosts to check with their insurance provider on their specific requirements for planned events.


Some suggestions to help work within regulations:

Number of attendees must be in compliance with current provincial government regulations regarding indoor or outdoor facilities.

Receiving entries and payments on line to lower instances of contact.

Hand sanitizer, wipes and/or or soap and water stations should be readily available around the facility including at bathroom facilities.

Maintaining physical distancing guidelines for spectators, competitors, judges and scribes, and of competitors during course walks ensuring small (divisional) groups.

Scheduled ride times to lower occurrences of rider contact and congestion in warm-up and holding areas.

Until the science is more definitive regarding transference by touch, we recommended erring on the side of caution and not using obstacles that riders touch (eg. garrocha, cup, gate etc.) or use as few of these as possible and have sanitizing protocols in place between rides. 

Use of masks by those coming into contact with increased numbers of people or the equipment eg. At the Show office, in-gate, ring re-set crew etc

Awards should be picked-up from a table or display rather than physically handed to riders.

Papers that normally are returned to competitors could be scanned or electronic photos done for distribution to competitors; or made available for riders to photo themselves.

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